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Introducing the Capital Support Security Services Team

Security Services Team

Capital Support’s Security Services team manages all aspects of our security. The team also provides guidance to many of our alternative investment management clients.

Security is a key concern for most businesses operating in 2017. As an organisation, Capital Support is highly security aware. We are conscious of the threats that cybercriminals and accidental data breaches pose, both to ourselves and to our clients. Our Security Services team manages risks to the business, and also supports clients who wish to improve their security preparedness.

In this blog post we introduce the members of our Security Services team.

Simon Rozario – Chief Information Security Officer

Simon has a long history of working both in the public sector and for private organisations such as BT and Nortel. He has extensive experience in ISO 27001, having first worked with the standard when it was BS7799. He has implemented ISO 27001 for a number of organisations, including across the whole of Wandsworth Council’s 4,000 staff, and has helped organisations to maintain ISO 27001. Simon is also a lead auditor, and can advise organisations on best practices around information security.

CJ Chapman – Information Security Officer

CJ is the primary member of the Security Services team for internal security matters. He maintains our ISMS (Information Security Management System). CJ has helped to maintain information asset registers, and coordinates asset managers to keep information asset registers up to date. He is a chair in the ISSG (Information Security Steering Group) which ultimately directs the path of development in security at Capital Support. Security Incidents are primarily investigated through CJ, unless involvement from the CISO is required in special cases. He ensures that risk actions brought up from audits, incidents, or other security events are recorded and actioned. CJ played a key role in implementing Cyber Essentials Plus at Capital Support. He is a Certified ISO 27001:2013 Lead Implementer, and has a Cybersecurity Fundamentals Certification (CSX).

The Security Services Team

The Capital Support Security Services team has extensive experience of enhancing security processes and preparedness for organisations of all sizes. Through services such as Security Risk Management, the Security Services team help our clients to increase their protection from damaging security incidents. If you’d like support to increase your security preparedness, get in touch.

Toby Shackleton
Toby Shackleton