FCA Third Party Provider Considerations

FCA Third Party Provider Considerations Whitepaper for Hedge Funds

Access your free FCA third party provider considerations whitepaper and discover what hedge funds need to know

This whitepaper provides further thoughts and guidance around the FCA’s recent release ‘Considerations for firms thinking of using third-party technology (off-the-shelf) banking solutions’. It is aimed at anyone who is responsible for making decisions regarding outsourcing technology services.

There are a number of reasons why a firm may wish to outsource its technology services: to save money, to enhance the scope of services available to users and customers, to reduce the time invested in technology to focus on other areas, and to leverage a larger company’s investment in IT are just four.

But when a firm is regulated by the FCA, it is essential that technology services provided by third parties align to regulatory obligations. This places significant importance on the diligence processes involved in selecting third parties – a poor choice in third party provider could be crippling for your firm.

In this 18-page FCA Third Party Provider Considerations Whitepaper, we will cover: –

  1. The Purpose of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).
  2. Considerations for Alternative Investment Firms.
  3. Recommednations.
  4. Further Information.

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