Business Talk: Would you survive a cyber-attack?

Business Talk: Would You Survive A Cyber-Attack?

In our increasingly connected world, where the Internet plays such a vital role in everything we do, businesses small and large need to take precautions to minimise the risk of cyber-attacks. This issue of Business Talk (Would You Survive a Cyber-Attack?) looks into the most notable forms of cyber-attacks, who is behind them and why. Supportive information regarding how businesses can protect themselves from these criminals is included, but sometimes, the hacker wins.

Staying Ahead of Cyber-Attacks

In recent years, cybercrime has seen a significant increase with 60% of small businesses having some form of a security breach in 2013. With this ever-present risk of assault on IT systems, we urge companies to take cybercrime seriously and follow up on the advice that’s been offered.

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