When Disaster Strikes

Business Talk: When Disaster Strikes

This edition of Business Talk (When Disaster Strikes) focuses on the importance of protecting your business from disasters and other threats – often a topic that is too easily overlooked until the day disaster strikes!

Every business that relies on its data and IT systems should have a properly considered strategy and plan in place, firstly to prevent issues from arising and secondly, to manage them effectively when they do arise.

We examine the potential risks that exist to all businesses, as well as the price of the failure, and the factors that need to be considered when developing a ‘disaster recovery’ plan; not only the technological aspects but also the role of management and employees.

Also included is an overview of the range of measures that should be considered for disaster prevention and recovery of your data and systems so, should the worst happen, your business gets back on its feet again with the minimum of disruption.

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