Gaining a Competitive Edge

Business Talk: Gaining a Competitive Edge

In this autumn issue of Business Talk (Gaining a Competitive Edge), we explain how the development of technology opens up new opportunities for businesses, and more importantly, how it can create an unfair advantage for less progressive companies.

Microsoft Calls End of Life on Key Office Products

With Microsoft retiring Windows XP and Office 2003, businesses are now left considering their options: do they continue using retired end-of-life software, or upgrade to the latest version.

Of course, running your business on out-of-date software is not ideal, and although it is quite common, it is not advisable. Continuing to use out-of-date software means Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or patches for the software and places businesses at risk of cybercrime.

This edition covers the benefits of remaining up to date with the latest technology and how you can benefit as a business.

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