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Safe and Secure

Winter 2015: Safe and Secure

Here we’ve studied the increase in cybersecurity breaches and how to create a safe and secure business.

The Flexible Workplace

Autumn 2015: The Flexible Workplace

Business Talk Autumn 2015 looks into the growth of technology and the cloud, and how they have boosted a flexible workplace.

Summer 2015: Keeping IT Fit

Summer 2015: Keeping IT Fit

This quarter Business Talk sheds some light on the benefits of properly maintaining your IT and why it can’t be ignored.

Cost of Downtime

Spring 2015: The Cost of Downtime

This spring edition of Business Talk looks at how costly downtime can be and why neglecting business continuity planning is a bad idea.

Winning and Keeping Customers

Winter 2014: Winning and Keeping Customers

This issue of Business Talk shows how technology can help you stand out in your market to attract and win new customers as well as retain existing ones.

Would You Survive a Cyber-Attack?

Autumn 2014: Would You Survive a Cyber-Attack?

In this edition of Business Talk we focus on cyber-security and how breaches can damage your business and credibility.

Becoming a Greener Business

Summer 2014: Becoming a Greener Business

This summer edition of Business Talk looks at the ways the IT industry need to play a part in tackling the growing threat to the future of the planet.

Driving Up Business Performance

Spring 2014: Driving up Business Performance

In this edition of Business Talk we look into the growth of cloud computing and how it has a played a part in improving the delivery of your IT services.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Autumn 2013: Gaining a Competitive Edge

This Autumn edition of Business Talk focuses on how the latest advances in IT can deliver a real competitive edge to your business.

When Disaster Strikes

Summer 2013: When Disaster Strikes

This Business Talk looks at the risks that all business are potentially faced with and how you can manage them effectively.

Communication - Good for Business

Spring 2013: Communication – Good for Business

In this spring edition of Business Talk we look at the role IT plays in communication and how it can transform ways of connecting with customers and colleagues.

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