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Hardware and Software Services

Your business needs to equip its users with hardware and software. When you make any purchase you need to ensure timely delivery, value and service. But how do you know that you’re getting value for money, how do you know that you’re avoiding grey market equipment, and how do you know that you are purchasing the most appropriate licensing? Capital Support’s dedicated Procurement team takes care of these considerations for you, all as part of our hardware and software services.

Choosing the right technology

As a vendor-neutral organisation, Capital Support’s hardware and software services help you to purchase the equipment that will best suit your requirements without bias. Our team has a wide range of expertise in all types of hardware and software, and we can advise you on the limitations and benefits of a wide range of options.

  • Licences

    We maintain relationships with leading software vendors and distributors, and will seek to provide guidance on the most cost effective ways for you to purchase the correct licensing for your business.
  • Network Equipment

    We will assist you in purchasing the optimum routing, switching and security components to ensure that your network runs to its optimum level. Our relationships with vendors such as Cisco, HP and Palo Alto will ensure that you benefit from using the most advanced, up-to-date equipment available.
  • PCs, Laptops and Printers

    We know how important PCs, laptops and printers are to your users, and how they are essential to keep employees happy and productive. Our hardware and software services will support you in achieving the right combination of cost, functionality and portability.
  • Telephony

    Whether you choose to utilise ISDN or SIP-based telephony, Capital Support partners with industry leaders Avaya, Mitel and Cisco to provide functional, easy to use and feature rich telephony services to our customers.

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