Mimecast Email Security

Mimecast’s unified email management solutions protect thousands of businesses from cyber-attack. We’ve chosen to utilise Mimecast email security in order to offer the very best protection to our clients.

Capital Support partner with Mimecast to deliver email security and cyber resilience.

Email remains one of the key attack vectors for cybercriminals, with thousands of unique attacks launched every day. And what with businesses’ daily reliance on emails to facilitate most functional areas, email archives and uptime are essential in the modern workplace.

Through Mimecast’s M2A bundle, Capital Support keep our clients safe from email-borne cyber-attacks, as well as delivering deep-level retention and high uptime. Mimecast email security simplifies email management by providing a packaged suite of features that achieves full protection and compliance without the burden of setup and management overheads: –

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Email Security

For removal of SPAM and potentially harmful emails entering or leaving your inbox. Mimecast email security’s SLAs are for 100% service availability, 100% virus protection, and 98% spam protection (with 0.0001% false positives).

Email Continuity and Archiving

A fully available, cloud-based platform for email management in the event of a disaster. For the long-term retention of emails, archiving ensures that key data is retrievable for regulatory requirements and inboxes do not expand unnecessarily.

Targeted Threat Protection

Targeted Threat Protection, included with Mimecast email security, delivers additional protection against phishing email attacks, infected attachments, and URLs to compromised websites.

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