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Business Continuity Services

Effective business continuity and security provisioning is essential for all organisations. We operate in a world where security breaches, data loss and extended downtime are unacceptable, not just to your business but also to your customers, investors and industry regulators. You need peace of mind that your systems are secure and recoverable.

Robust, effective, proven security and business continuity services

At Capital Support we understand the importance of business continuity and security. We also appreciate that our customers don’t want to be burdened with excessive management, operational overheads and stress. That’s why we’ve developed an all-encompassing suite of security and business continuity services that we design, provision and support – all on your behalf.

Below are some of the security and business continuity services that we offer to our customers: –

  • Managed Backup

    Capital Support’s Managed Backup service takes the pain out of backups. For peace of mind and data retrieval backups are essential across your server environment. Our Managed Backup service ensures that critical data is not only backed up but also easily accessible, all as part of a package that minimises customer involvement, empowering you to focus on your business deliverables. The Managed Backup service is based on technology from Asigra, the leading channel-only cloud backup service provider, and data is backed up to a separate data centre in Birmingham to avoid any ‘single point of failure’ risk.
  • Managed Antivirus

    Capital Support’s Managed Antivirus service provides robust security for servers, PCs and laptops. We deploy Managed Antivirus across your environment, ensuring that definitions of the latest viruses are regularly updated and any potential infections are identified, isolated and destroyed. The Managed Antivirus service is based on industry-leading VIPRE Enterprise Software, which is ICSA and VB100 certified.
  • SmartDR

    In the event of a disaster, every company needs to establish its acceptable recovery time objective (RTO – how long it takes to make services available again) and recovery point objective (RPO – how much data is lost). SmartDR shrinks the recovery window, offering reduced RTO and RPO as part of a fully managed disaster recovery service based on state of the art backup and replication technology. Capital Support allows its hosted SmartDR customers to leverage its investment in VMware Site Recovery Manager technology to rapidly failover systems to a secondary data centre in the event of a disaster at the primary data centre. For customers with local deployments, we partner with leading vendors such as AppAssure and Double-Take to offer effective, reliable disaster recovery services.
  • DNS Management

    Domain Name System (DNS) relates to the name you assign to your website and email. More than this, effectively maintaining your DNS records is essential to the continuity of a number of key services, not least email. Capital Support manages your DNS records for you, ensuring timely renewals and mitigating the risk of DNS-related downtime.
  • Managed Mail Continuity

    Capital Support partners with Mimecast to simplify email by providing a packaged suite of features that achieves full protection and compliance without the burden of setup and management overheads: –

    • Email security, for removal of SPAM and potentially harmful emails entering or leaving your inbox. Mimecast’s SLAs are for 100% service availability, 100% virus protection and 98% spam protection (with 0.0001% false positives).
    • Email continuity, offering a fully available, cloud-based platform for email retrieval and management in the event of a disaster.
    • Email archiving, for the long-term retention of emails to ensure that key data is retrievable for regulatory requirements and inboxes do not fill up and expand unnecessarily.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    With cybersecurity becoming ever more of a pressing concern for businesses, traditional password protection for remote access to systems is no longer sufficient to deter hackers from attempting to intercept data. Two factor authentication is a means by which to add an additional layer of security when users access systems remotely, utilising a smartphone app that uses unique, one-time only codes to prevent unauthorised access. To provide two factor authentication Capital Support works with Duo Security, an industry leading provider of smartphone-based two factor authentication services.
  • Intrusion Detection System

    Capital Support provides intrusion detection system (IDS) services based on Palo Alto firewalls. IDS monitors network or system activities for malicious activities or policy violations, providing an additional layer of security to your infrastructure. Palo Alto is one of the industry’s leading providers of next generation firewalls and security solutions.
  • Mobile Device Management

    To deliver effective mobile device management we utilise services from AirWatch. AirWatch mobile device management software enables you to manage any device, anywhere in the world, throughout the full lifecycle. AirWatch provides a complete mobility management solution in a single console.

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