Managed Security for finance sector

Managed Security Services

Our customers demand the highest standards of data security, and so do we. That’s why we’ve created a holistic suite of Managed Security services to ensure that systems remain as secure as possible.

Capital Support provides robust, effective security services to alternative investment managers through our Managed Security services suite.

As an organisation we take security seriously; our customers demand that their data is stored and managed to standards that ensure the safety and integrity of their information. All organisations must protect their assets, and information is an asset that cyber criminals want to steal.

The increasing demands of investors and markets, along with general risks around cybersecurity, have led Capital Support to develop the Managed Security suite of services. Our Managed Security services embrace the new risks facing institutions, and provide sensible solutions to support 21st century cybersecurity challenges.

Our Managed Security services consist of three core service categories: Security Risk Management, Cyber Secure and Cyber Secure Managed Phishing.

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Security Risk Management

Security Risk Management provides support and guidance to organisations on how to meet regulatory standards. We help you secure your business by leveraging our investment in auditing capabilities for ISO 27001, the internationally recognised information security framework. A manageable ongoing service, Security Risk Management helps you to identify and close gaps that exist in your business security provisions.

Cyber Secure

Cyber Secure is a tailored suite of cybersecurity services that integrates seamlessly with your existing security provisioning. Cyber Secure combines strong perimeter protection with live intelligent analysis to provide effective cybersecurity protection. Implementing Cyber Secure will enhance your protection against damaging cyber-attacks, safeguarding your business’s operations and reputation. Cyber Secure is delivered in two models: ‘Protect and Detect’ and ‘SIEM’.

Cyber Secure Managed Phishing

Cyber Secure Managed Phishing has been developed to support improving awareness and behavioural response to the threat of a phishing attack. Delivered as a managed service, Capital Support will oversee all aspects of the delivery of a controlled quarterly phishing attack, the collection and correlation of data to support staff education, and the presentation of information in a concise format, allowing you to track improvement over time.


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